VK Salon was created by Victoria Kenyon. Victoria was trained by a Paul Mitchell school in Frederick Maryland. She graduated in 2010 and has since gone to business school in Virginia, as well as Nursing school at Loma Linda university in California. While attending higher education, she continued to take classes for hair education and work part time as a stylist. In pursuit of her passion, She found her way back to Chattanooga to finally work as a stylist full time! Four


The journey

“I moved to Chattanooga 4 years ago, and went full force into my salon career! Ive been building up a clientele and going to as many educational classes as I possibly can! These cool experiences such as NYC Fashion-week, Training with Ninfas hair extensions in Chicago, and an extensive amount of continuing education in Nashville, Maryland, Orlando, Long beach, New York, and even in Chattanooga, have all broadened my perspective and given me a lot to share with other stylists. Ive created a vision through all of those experiences and narrowed down the type of salon I want to be a part of and bring to Chattanooga. It is a BIG CITY Trendy salon, that is focused on education and customer service, in a small southern town in Tennessee! It has been crazy to see it come to life and I am so excited to see where it takes everyone!”